We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live. We are destroying the forests for many reasons.

Tree are the best friend for man on this earth. Yet we go on felling them without any qualms.When the last tree has been cut and the last river poisoned, we will come to know that we cannot eat money.
This beautiful earth needs to be treated with more respect.
Let us do it right now…


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ASRDEEP Advices in the Complete Development,
Construction and Operation of Renewable Energy Projects

Off Grid SPV Power System

The solar array comprises of solar modules that generate DC electricity in
proportion to the amount of sunlight available, generating most power in a
clear day when the sun is at a normal angle to the array. The DC power
produced from Solar Array is feed into an INVERTER and with the help of
this Inverter this energy will be utilized to operate the AC load.
The solar array is anchored on the ground using special material and
equipment supplied. The solar array comprises of solar modules
interconnected electrically in series and parallel. These solar modules are
fastened to support structure, which is fixed on the floor.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

  • Photovoltaic modules are a renewable energy source, a resource that
    cannot be used up by its use.
  • Helps building Image, Green Branding.
  • Improves individual well being and Quality of life.
  • No Green House Gas Emission and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.
  • Solar modules over their lifetime produce more power per gram of
    material than nuclear power and without the problem of large
    volumes of environmentally hazardous material.

Economic Benefits

  • Savings on Energy Bill.
  • Accelerated Depreciation of 80 % on Investment in Solar PV.
  • If system is designed suitably then there may not be any need to run
    DG sets in Winter Months.
  • Saves Fuel.
  • No Recurring Fuel Cost, Unlike DG Sets.
  • Reliable and Low Maintenance.

No hassle: no need to supply any fuel, lubrication or maintenance other than making sure that the glass surface remains reasonably clean.

Quality & Reliability

Quality is not just a slogan but a need for us, since there is discerning
numerous customers who pay a good price for the product.
ASRDEEP is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company and Six Sigma
Compatible, we are imbibed quality into its thinking &
implementation process: its design, manufacturing, packaging,
logistic, sale or customer service.
The efficacy of our quality system is evident with the growth in sales. When we consider our core portfolio
Home Lightening systems, customers are satisfied from the quality of our products, to the pride of our saga,
ASRDEEP has a comprehensive and have a Quality Assurance Program initiated right from incoming raw
materials, in process controls and up to final product inspection.

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Services We Offer

We offer to commission and install solar panels, windmills, large scale installation of polycrystalline silicon solar pv, monocrystalline silicon solar pv, thin film solar pv and turnkey projects on solar energy installations.


Solar Panel Project

  • Solar Irradiation
  • Number of sunny days
  • Wattage of appliances to be run on Solar

Onsite Inspection Checklist

  • Plant Location
  • Day Temperatures
  • Roof space available for plant setup

Estimation of output

  • Off-Grid Captive Consumption for domestic premises
  • Off-Grid Captive Consumption for commercial premises

Erecting Windmill Turbines

  • Arrival of the crane and elements.
  • Assembly of the tower and nacelle.
  • Assembly of the rotor.

We are pioneers in the field of Energy Conservation

The energy industry has been experiencing a radical change and the gradual shift towards renewable energy sourcing is more than evident. Nevertheless, not all that looks sustainable stays that way upon the end of its life cycle. At least that is the most common worry regarding photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. They are a sustainable source of energy, dependant only on solar radiation, and capable of delivering electricity to our homes

Natural resources are actually nature’s gift to man to help him live a comfortable and peaceful life. But, at the same time, we as human beings have the responsibility of conserving natural resources by taking the right steps. This will help us maintain the environmental balance and satisfy our needs to the fullest. Importance of doing so can be conveyed to people by arranging seminars and conferences and having lectures of renowned environment experts.

Remember solar energy has been used by our ancestors in many ways. The glass lenses were used for creating fire by magnifying the sun rays. Even prior to that, the flint stones were used to create fire. Now the solar energy can be harnessed for creating electricity which could be stored and distributed in a pollution free atmosphere. Large investment is one of the primary reasons why solar energy is still not used by many people across the world.

We Specialize in

Solar Panel Manufacture 90%
Solar Photovoltaic panels 90%
Thermal collectors 70%
Thermal mass 50%

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We Write about natural energy

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We Write about natural energy