Our Services
'End to End' solutions

We leverage our industry knowledge and technology strength to provide 'End to End' solutions for energy requirements using Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) technology.

OFF Grid SPV Power System

The solar array comprises of solar modules that generate DC electricity in proportion to the amount of sunlight available, generating most power in a clear day when the sun is at a normal angle to the array.

The DC power produced from Solar Array is fed into an INVERTER and with the help of this Inverter this energy will be utilized to operate the AC load. The solar array is anchored on the ground using special material and equipment supplied. The solar array comprises of solar modules interconnected electrically in series and parallel. These solar modules are fastened to support structure, which is fixed on the floor.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Photovoltaic modules are a renewable energy source, a resource that cannot be used up by its use. Helps building Image, Green Branding Improves individual well being and Quality of life

No Green House Gas Emission and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential

Solar modules over their lifetime produce more power per gram of material than nuclear power but without the problem of large volumes of environmentally hazardous material.

Economic Benefits

  1. Savings on Energy Bill.
  2. Accelerated Depreciation of 80 % on Investment in Solar PV
  3. If system is designed suitably then there may not be any need to run DG sets in Winter Months.
  4. Saves Fuel
  5. No Recurring Fuel Cost, Unlike DG Sets
  6. Reliable and Low Maintenance
  7. No hassle: no need to supply any fuel, lubrication or maintenance other than making sure that the glass surface remains reasonably clean.

Our Core services include

  1. Residential & Industrial Products
  2. Prefeasibility & Feasibility Studies
  3. Site & Resources Assessment
  4. Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  5. Energy Yield Assessment & Profitability Analysis
  6. Detailed Designs & Engineering,
  7. Technical Specifications, BoQ
  8. EPC and O&M contracts
  9. Grid connection assessment and review
  10. Construction monitoring and Quality and Design adherence
  11. Commissioning and milestone completion

System Installation

  1. We follow the full cycle of system installation
  2. Business opportunity –Concept –Validation Prototype –Technical Specification-Procurement/ Manufacturing –Sales and Engineering
  3. Support-Customer Support- End/ Reengineering- New Product

Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit

We provide “Single Window Solution” to our customer which includes:

  1. Energy Audit
  2. Project Consulting