Understanding of Business

Only company that is dedicated to the management and administration of green power installations that has participated in the complete process of promotion, development, structuring, financing and setup of installations, and that has extensive knowledge of accounting, mercantile, finance and tax issues.

Experience and commitment

Skilled professionals with high specialization in the industry. Their sense of professional responsibility and their illusion makes each of the clients� success their best recognition.


Professionals from different backgrounds (engineers, consultants, financial specialists, lawyers), who make it possible to specialize in the key areas of green power installation's management and administration.

Creative and Constructive Approach

Our approach in all the aspects contribute to increase productivity, savings, efficiency and operation control, as well as the maximum quality in the information to be sent to clients.

Proactivity: Anticipation vs. Reaction

In order to guarantee success in management and administration, it is not enough to adequately react to problems, it is necessary to anticipate them.

Continuous Service

Our team is permanently available to the client, in order to coordinate all relevant aspects that may rise, as well as the evolution of the installations.

Advanced Technology at the Service of Management

We have proprietary technology tools which allow for efficiency gains in rendering our services. Among them, the most important is GIPS (Intelligent Management of Solar Plants).

Proven Quality

Our clients know our level of quality and commitment with excellence in the projects we manage. Their acknowledgement is our greatest success.

Ethics and Independence

Given the level of responsibility we assume in our projects, the exhaustive monitoring of the ethics and independence principles is a vital aspect for us.

Competitive Cost

Our specialization and knowledge of the industry, together with the volume of installations managed, allows us to offer a very competitive cost for an integral maximum quality service. Addtionally, we give critical importance to efficient cost management in our projects, which results in significant savings.